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31st March - 1st April 2022

13 Manette St, Soho

During her residency with Changing Room Gallery in May 2021, Elgersma created a body of work based on the ethos: 'if it's ugly, pulp it'. On the gallery’s Soho rooftop she covered park benches, created the world’s first functioning paper water fountain and made two little lamps that would birth the idea for this solo presentation.


Elgersma has spent the last 12 months transforming her house into a museum of sorts; chairs, mirrors and everything in between given a new lease of life through papier-mâché. This exhibition invites you to imagine living alongside sculpture in your own home. The surreal, pseudo-domestic installation will cover the gallery in darkness, with the light of Elgersma’s sculpted lamps the only illumination.

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Photos: Ashleigh Ramel

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